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Thought for a show involving lots of dancers. An act full of power and very dinamic with soundtracks of the best rock songs of the 80's choreographed by russian choreographer Alexander Grimailo.

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Special Performances

In this section you can find the material regarding past performances that have been customize to meet the client's specific need.

"Uptown Funk" (Foot Juggling)

This version has been created under request of a client for a series of events and is now the performance  preferred when the type of show needs a shorter and lighter act!

The song of the performance is "Uptown Funk" and the performance follows and increases with the beat of the song.

Rock versions 

Gran Circo de Rusia version

Circus Flic Flac version

Cirque Style (Hula Hoops)

In this hula hoop performance the costume, make - up and the music have been changed drastically to fit in the Cirque du Soleil concept needed for this event.

The costume and the make - up were provided by the organization while the choreography and the music was prepared by Selyna.

Custom Performance during Live Band concert (Hula Hoops)

Version of Selyna's hula hoop act entirely based over the song "Marlon Brando è sempre lui" played by italian coverband Radioliga.

The costume and the choreo were both prepared and provided by Selyna.

Harley Quinn (Hula Hoops)

Harley Quinn (1).jpg

Portraying the infamous comic charachter during an open-air event.

Costume and make-up are self-provided.

Harley Quinn (2).jpg

Horror (Hula Hoops)


Hula - hoop act adapted for an Halloween show in 2014.
Costume and make up are self - provided.

Fairytale (Foot Juggling & Hula Hoops)

Versions of both acts (hula hoops and foot-juggling) for a thetrical circus show based on the fairytale of "Cinderella".

Costumes were provided by the organization.

A superstar enters the stage with her bodyguard to show her umbelievable skills.
A concept for the well renown german circus Flic Flac, an up-to-date ensemble for the show that calles itself "the modern art of circus".


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