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About Selyna


Selyna's love for this job and lifestyle came natural.

Selyna grew up between her hometown in Italy where she attended school and where another important figure in her career development was living, her grandpa Tito Reyes. A man who, as a former circus performer who loved circus (and football!) above all ,made sure to transmit his passion to the granchild.

When Selyna  wasn't home she was traveling around Europe with her parents witnessing, from a very early age, their performances, along as some of the best shows  from the  variety and circus world.

It was only a matter of time before she would follow them in their footsteps.

                                    Selyna Bogino was born on 27th April, 1990 in a small town in the north of Italy by a family of circus                                   performers.
                            Her parents are, Consuelo Reyes (Spanish Footjuggler, considered the "Queen of Antipodists", the only                               performer in her discipline to be winning the National Circus Prize given by the King of Spain) and Paolo          Bogino (Italian multiskilled Acrobat, better known for his bycicle act with his brothers "The Bogino Brothers" and who now performs as a Comedian).


At the age of 6 years old her father began to teach her the basic disciplines and circus skills that would serve her in the years to come.

And at the age of 8, she started with her intesive footjuggling training, inspired by the work of her mum and still under the guidance of her dad.


After several years of pure discipline work, Selyna started to perform in 2005 with her solo act, which was created by herself, her parents and the ex-prima ballerina Kate Smyth from the Moulin Rouge in Paris (now choreographer of several circus shows and acts).


Starting from the very beginning at a very high level, Selyna achieved to perform in many succesfull variety and diner shows  in the german scene,  such as the renown Tigerpalast Varietè in Frankfurt, the Hansa Theater Varietè in Hamburg, the Roncalli's Apollo Varietè in Duesseldorf , the Witzigmann & Roncalli's Bajazzo in Koeln.


Selyna practicing with her dad.

Consuelo Tigerpalast April 2002 14.jpg

Selyna's mum, Consuelo Reyes.


From that kind of visibility  Selyna got in contact with the juggling convention world and in 2013 she was invited  to be part of the Gala Show at EJC (European Juggling Convention) in Toulouse, an event hosting every year thousands of people.

During this time another side of her career starts flourishing.

Even considering her roots are deep into the circus world, Selyna has been rarely performing in circuses until that moment. It's only after her performances at the Weihnachts Circus in Offenburg in 2013 that she  starts to navigate into this branch of her career, becoming quickly a regular  presence in some of the best circus rings of Europe, such as Circus Krone Bau in Munich, Circo Mundial in Spain, Circo Moira Orfei in Italy and Circus Flic Flac in Nuerenberg.

Selyna starts to work in circuses also overseas, touring in 2016 in California with Flynn Creek Circus and in 2019 in Perù and Chile with the company Prodartes and their "Gran Circo de Rusia".


Not satisfied with one act, Selyna developed in 2010  a Hula Hoop show by herself.

One year later a video of her  unique footjuggling skills with 5 basketballs  recorded during a practice session, became viral on Youtube and gave her abilities a new  kind of visibility, with her routine being seen all over the world and counting to this days more than 1,8 million views!

As a result of her hard work in the circus community, it should be no surprise that her career finally  bring her in a country where this artform is highly valued: Russia.

In 2018 she's invited with her foot-juggling act as one of the partecipants of the International Circus Festival of  Circus Nikulin in Moscow and wins two prices at once: the Planet Circus Award and a Silver Elephant.

With so many achievements in her young career Selyna has extensively proved to be a performer of great talent, who adds value in every show she's part of with her unique talent and stage presence.

No matter if the show is under a top, a roof, open-air or online.

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Selyna's References
Circus,Variety & Festivals

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Special Events 

& Galas

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Full CV

2005-06       Traumzeit Theater (BACKNANG)

                        Trocadero Music-hall (TORINO)

                       "Il museo del circo" (NOVI LIGURE)


                       Witzigmann & Roncalli "Bajazzo" (KOELN)

                       "Magic moments" (BUCHHAGEN)

                       Weihnachts diner-show at Hochheimer Hof (FRANKFURT)

2008            Hannover Messe by Endress and  Hauser (HANNOVER)

                       Roncalli's "Circus Circus" (WIESBADEN)

                      Muelheimer Stadtfest gala (MUELHEIM)

2009-10      "Divina Comedia" Casinò Espinho  (OPORTO)

                       “1st Birthday of Kehl’s City Center” gala (KEHL)

                       "Bamberg Zaubert FUCHS Gala" (BAMBERG)

                       "Estate Toscana" galas (FOLLONICA)

                       "Cabaret Colmarien" at Foire aux vins de Colmar

                       "Christmas Diner-Show" in Geseke (PADERBORN) 

                       "Varietè Herdern" (SWITZERLAND) 


                       Gala event by "Tigerpalast Varietè" (FRANKFURT)

                       Dennert Gala (BAMBERG) 

                       Tigerplast Varietè (FRANKFURT) 

                       "E le stelle come tendone" Streetshow (ITALY) 

                       Il Circo delle Stelle (GALLARATE, LEGNANO) 


                       Hansa Theater Varietè (HAMBURG) 

                       Circo di Barcellona (MILANO) 

                       Juggling Convention Gala in Brianza (MILANO) 

                       Apollo Varietè “Jubilee” program (DUESSELDORF) 


                      Offenburger Weihnachtscircus (OFFENBURG)

                      Circus Krone Bau (MUENCHEN) 

                      Circo Mundial (SEVILLA) 

                      European Juggling Convention 2013 (TOULOUSE) 

                      Special Event at “Hotel Hermitage” (ELBA ISLAND, ITALY) 


                      Circus Flic Flac (NUERNBERG) 

                      Circo Moira Orfei (ITALY) 


                      Tigerpalast Varietè (FRANKFURT)

                      Irish Circus Festival (TRALEE) 

                      Varietee Magica (FINLAND) 


                      Special Event "The Flash Mob Show" (CADIZ) 

                      10th Anyversary of the Juggling Convention Gala in Brianza (MILANO) 

                      Flynn Creek Circus (CALIFORNIA) 

                      Gala Event for ZIrkus Nemo (DENMARK)

                      Festival du Cirque de Namur (BELGIUM) 

                      Cirque de Noel (QUIMPER, BEAUVAIS, SAINTES) 

                      Wintercircus Apeldoorn (HOLLAND) 


                     Tigerpalast Varietè (FRANKFURT) 

                    “Roadshow” for the Munich Airport Company 

                     International Youth Circus Festival in Moscow at Nikulin Circus Building (MOSCOW)

                     Special Event for Nu'Art “Phoebe and Peter's Wedding” (VENICE) 

                     Caldener Weihnachtsvarietè (KASSEL,GERMANY) 


                     Christmas Party for the Munich Airport Company (MUNICH)

                     Tigerpalast Varietè (FRANKFURT)

                     Neuestheather Hoechst (FRANKFURT)

                     Estate Oleggese (MILANO)

                     Gran Circo de Rusia (PERU', CHILE)

                     Festungs Varietè (KOBLENZ)


                     Gala Event in Laupheim (LAUPHEIM)

                     Gala Event for Porsche (KOBLENZ)

                     Halftime Show FIBA World Intercontinental Cup (TENERIFE)

                     Halftime Show at EuroDisney (PARIS)

                     CyberZoo Cabaret (ONLINE)

                     EJC European Juggling Association "Cascade of Stars Gala" Online



                     Navidades en el Circo Price "El Retorno de Cometa" (MADRID)

                     "Nits de Circ" (BESALU', ROSES)


                    Gala Event at the Sporting Club Montecarlo "Volare" (MONACO)

                    Festival International des Artistes de Cirque (SAINT PAUL LES DAX, FRANCE)

                    Winter Garten "Golden Year Tour" ( NUERNBERG, BERLIN, AALBORG)

                    Gala Show "Equilibri" Circus Festival (BOLOGNA)

                    Kalkwerk Festival Varietè Show (LIMBURG)

                    "It's Showtime" by Roncalli Event and Swarovski Kristallwelten (WATTENS, AUSTRIA)

                    Tub d'Assaig Festival Gala Show (TERRASSA, SPAIN)

                    Tigerpalast Varietè (FRANKFURT)


                    Tigerpalast Varietè (FRANKFURT)

                    Internationales OVAG Varietè (BAD NAUHEIM, GERMANY)

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